SNSD Sooyoungs fashion sense

In Uncategorized on September 14, 2011 at 1:22 am

Cute Sooyoung

SNSD Sooyoungs fashion sense has always been one of the best in the group, matching skinnies with boyfriend blazers and black dresses with black high heels. No doubt Sooyoung is one of the best fashonistas in SNSD, her style is slightly boyish when casual and yet transforms it up into a feminine beauty on stage. Sooyoung always knows what clothes are best for her body type, she also knows that her legs are one of her best attributes so she wears short shorts paired with high heels that makes her legs look a mile long and lean.
Sooyoung never complicates what she is wearing and doesn’t over accessorize like some K-pop idols are doing these days, the colours red and black compliment her tanned caramel complexion and makes Sooyoung more sexy when on stage, Sooyoungs hairstyles are always amazing, short or long, any hairstyle suits Sooyoung, she is one of those people that any hairstyle suits her, the same with clothes.
 Sooyoungs legs are always talked about and has the bestest legs in SNSD and K-pop and to ensure that my opinion is she uses moisterising cream and body butter on her legs to give it a glow to her already perfect legs, no matter what you so Sooyoung you will always be amazing and look fantastic.


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